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  1. S Scale
    Hello all, I've recently become aware that, back in the heyday of three-rail O Scale modeling (~1930s-1950s), it was not uncommon for modelers to modify their rolling stock to draw power from a more-prototypical outside third rail instead of the (in)famous center rail. Out of curiosity, would...
  2. O Scale
    Here in San Jose CA we have been restoring SP2479, a P10 pacific locomotive for many years. Huge progress has been made with more to go. Naturally, the Sunset/3rd Rail O gauge model of this loco released in 2006 is the grail for those of us in the CTRC, the org doing the work. I just got lucky...
  3. O Scale
    Hi, I need some help finding a 3rd rail jawn henry with the extra auxiliary tender in the 3 rail configuration. All the ones i've found have been 2 rail setups, i need a 3 rail. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks for your time guys. Mike
  4. O Scale
    According to a reliable source with excellent access, the next Lionel Vision Line product will be a passenger car or set of cars. It will be built using the the tooling for the new 21" cars due out this Christmas as part of the Empire State Express. The 21" Vision Line Passenger Car could be...
1-4 of 4 Results