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  1. O Scale
    I have two Lionel horn buttons. One is an 8251-50, bright red. the other is a 6-5906. What's the difference? The 8251 has very small gauge wires, connects to both base and power terminals on the transformer, and has no problem getting my 703 air tender to whistle. The 6-5906 on the other hand...
  2. O Scale
    how do I connect the 5906 bell button to fast track to make it work?
  3. O Scale
    What exactly is in the Lionel 10-5906-001 Sound Activation Switch? I find very little on it, but some obscure reference mentioned a D-Cell battery. I have a Rail-Sounds boxcar, and I'd like to get a reverse polarity DC bias to trigger the bell. If this is just a D-Cell with a swtich, I might...
  4. O Scale
    I have a friend that has a Lionel R 100 transformer. He is using the 167 Controller with the whistle and reverse buttons for control. Recently he purchased a lionel steam engine with rail sounds and needs to install the 6-5906 sound activator button for the bell control. My question is, How...
1-4 of 4 Results