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  1. General Model Train Discussion
    Recently, I acquired several rolling stock cars from a most generous benefactor. In the bunch, there is the grey car pictured below (it's a metal car with Lionel written on the side in white, no numbers or other distinguishing marks) - it seems to be missing an addition on top. Does anyone...
  2. O Scale
    I bought this while the wife chatted with the dealer. Rusted yeah. Scotch brite to the rescue. My helpers want to remind you that the rumors of the swine flu were false.:) So blue tape around the trucks and some paint grey and red. I leave the Lionel on the sides original. Next, make some bracketts.
  3. O Scale
    6017 caboose out of a box. I cleaned it up for use. First I took it apart the trucks were rusted. The shell was washed with a soft brush and liquid soap and water. I used a demel wire wheel on the trucks and cleaned up the frame .I used a q tip and paint thinner to clean the small areas on...
  4. O Scale
    Basic O Repair and Projects 6111 Lionel Flatcar Bracket If you have seen beat up runners you have seen them without brackets. I used some sheet metal , tin snips. pliers, wide mouth vise grip,dremel with a cutting wheel to make the tabs ,and a tungsten carbide bit for the shaping.I first used...
1-4 of 4 Results