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  1. O Scale
    Ok so some of you know Ive been asking questions about soldering. That was mainly for a #68 Executive inspection car. But Ive decided I want to share My Main project with you guys. Its a lionel 2025 the '52 version. Its custom painted for the PRR. Let me know what yins think. Good bad or in...
  2. O Scale
    I drove 2 hours each way yesterday from the mountains of North Georgia to Atlanta to check out my transformer and engine. With a little oil from the repair shop and some instruction for me on how to hook transformer to track (yes, I'm really that inexperienced with trains)... I got my husband's...
  3. O Scale
    The shell is a long term project it is a 675 or 2025. without other parts there is no way to tell. I used the oven cleaner in a bag trick. It set overnight. It was more effective than a paint remover. That a black paint is tough. Good advice.When working a shell like this it is important to...
  4. O Scale
    hey everyone , t-man says im no longer a beginer so i should post here . this was my grandfathers set whom we called chief. he was an engineer. set hasn't been used in 35 years, i took everything apart and cleaned it up , steel wooled the track and got her up and running. aparantly the rear...
  5. Beginner Q & A
    hi im wondering how to hook up the transformer and get this set rolling, its a 1947 675 engine o set , i also have a 256 pre war engine but nothin else from that set. can i run both engines at once?
1-5 of 5 Results