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  1. O Scale
    Hello, I am looking for a little advice on restoring my 736 and 2034. 736 - buzzes on the track depending on where the e-switch is toggled, previous owner over did the steam fluid.. That has been cleaned up along with 90% of the engine (contact cleaner, etc). Is there something else i should...
  2. O Scale
    I want to find out why my Lionel 736 engine wheels weren't turning. I have dismantled the 736 engine and the wheels turn by hand easily now. The electric motor worm gear also turns when I grab it with a pair of pliers. I want to bench-test the electric motor but I am not sure how to do it. I...
  3. O Scale
    In my recent intro posting I was asked to attach some pics, so here they are, just out of storage after at least 25 years. I also have several questions, but I'll keep them to a few if its ok Can anyone ID that black tower? What can I use to fix the hinges(There's probable a better name)on...
1-3 of 3 Results