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  1. HO Looking for cheap locomotives

    Want to Buy (member-to-member)
    Hi, My youngest son is quite the little model train enthusiast, and I just built him a small 4x4 HO layout on caster wheels that he keeps under his bed. I had a couple old Bachman F units from the 1980s that I brought back to life for him to use, but I was hoping to find him a couple...
  2. Question about compatability

    HO Scale
    I just came into possession of an older locomotive set complete with track and controller. The track brand is AHM, its HO scale. If I want to expand the tracks are there any brands of track that will work with the older AHM track, and is there anything else I need to be aware of?
  3. Inquiry - AHM - Plug-a-matic Block Signal System

    HO Scale
    Help requested?: I am trying to locate any and all information regarding the AHM Plug-a-matic Block Signal System. It looks like it was originally made by Rivarossi - all parts and boxes have this logo. Some of the product numbers include: 2585 / 2685 The Plug-a-matic is discussed on the...
  4. What year was this Loco Produced?

    General Model Train Discussion
    Hi everyone! I have one of these AHM GE-35 Ton Switcher Locomotives from the earily 1970's that I want to sell on my web site. In the write-up information for the Locomotive, I want to include the year(s) of prodution that the prototype engine was produced, but I can't seem to find it in...
  5. The HO Powerhouse, The DC Motor.

    HO Scale
    Old engines have problems running, especially when neglected for long periods of time. Members want to get them running again. How often have we heard "clean and lube" .:rolleyes: This one problem has a little twist. I have an old AHM switcher. It ran Ok on the track but started to get slower...
  6. Ahm gp -18

    HO Scale
    This has been in a junk box for about two years. The last train show I found a chasis for a parts switch. Technically the new piece was whole and I could of swiched shells but I was nostalgic. Yes, I had to make a roof. I had to switch out the end cap and two axles. These are the new...
  7. 0-8-0 Rivarossi

    HO Scale
    Today I walked away from an S gage table and went to the HO section. The gentleman said for parts it is best to get them directly from the manufacturer. Hmmmmm I got a box of HO, to check over for a friend. His wife got it from the dump. In it was a 1973 0-8-0 AHM/ Rivarossi needing attention...