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  1. Painting, detailing and decaling
    so I got this Tyco ALCO c630 golden eagle from my grandpa a little over 2 years ago and I'm painting with brush's. so yeahhere's what I got painted so far.
  2. General Model Train Discussion
    I never thought I could say "csx has a alco in the roster" but I can now due to what I found Welcome CSX 1006
  3. General Model Train Discussion
    So I believe I have been wrong my whole life. Can someone post picture or tell me which is the front of diesel S4 switcher, diesel ALCO MRS, and a Shunt 0-6-0. Thnaks
  4. O Scale
    So, many months ago I purchased a Lionel Alco 1969 Rock Island (forget the engine number, maybe 2041) set from an individual who had them sitting in a barn for years. Major, major rust through out, wheels didn't turn and motor was pretty bad, but fixable. I put it on the track and only got the...
1-5 of 5 Results