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  1. Model Train Videos
    Here is another video made for kids of ALL ages filmed by kids in our program. This is a video of 3 Aristocraft locomotives pulling a very long freight train. There are 2 BNSF Dash 9's and a Pam Am Railways SD45 at the head end. It was filmed in HD. Hope it looks OK on other devices. There are 2...
  2. Model Train Videos
    We haven't seen videos of roadrailer trains in large scale on YouTube, so the kids and I decided to make one. Hope you enjoy it! Ken/Imagination Station Kids On Track Model Railroad And Train Safety Program. :)
  3. Model Train Videos
    Imagination Station Kids on Track has posted a few new videos on You Tube with mostly Aristocraft, USA & LGB equipment for everyone to enjoy. This will include cab rides, train rides and full train views. Just thought everyone would enjoy them. Ken* BNSF Freight...
  4. General Model Train Discussion
    Imagination Station Kids on Track/New addition to fleet. This new Pan Am Railways, Aristocraft SD-45 is a quiet, smooth running locomotive with a stunningly gorgeous paint scheme. With new features this locomotive will provide years of great service to the kids and families who operate the...
  5. G / #1 Scale
    Hi Everybody. Newbie to the forum here.... train operator/collector across many gauges for many years. So this is my latest hair-brained idea.... I am going to build an overhead indoor track which will run around my 1st floor area. About 10 years ago I started purchasing Aristocraft "stuff"...
  6. G / #1 Scale
    Imagination Station Kids on Track has obtained through donation these three Aristocraft Dash 9's. We only update on this site once every three months due to lack of internet service (due to funding) but enjoy the photos!
1-6 of 6 Results