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  1. UP!DD40AX!athearn genesis

    HO Scale
  2. HO Scale Trains for Sale

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hello, I have this list of items for sale. Very large range of type and manufacture so take the time to look through the whole thing! All items will have knuckle couplers regardless of image. Prices do not include shipping. Respond to thread or send PM, I can take paypal, money orders, or...
  3. Vintage Athearn SW7 calf question

    HO Scale
    I have a P2K SW900 I have been wanting to run my Athearn calf with but I'm afraid it would be a futile attempt at best. I doubt there are any upgrades I could do to improve the Athearn to run with the P2K. So my next thought was to try a re-motor but A-Line doesn't show anything for the...
  4. Athearn Genesis GP38-2 DL Issue

    Technical Model Train Forum
    Hey Guys, I have an Norfolk Southern Athearn Genesis GP38-2; Road #5057; Model #G40627 w/ Tsunami Digital Sound Decoder and I am having a slight issue: DITCH LIGHTS 1. When starting the locomotive and turning on the headlights, the ditch lights come on simultaneously with the headlights...
  5. 2 NEW Athearn Automax Scale Train for sale

    For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    Genesis is the top-of-the-line Athearn brand. Genesis® HO-scale steam and diesel locomotives and rolling stock take model realism to the highest level. They are world-famous for highly developed features, prototypical detailing and real life sound. Genesis locomotives are available with your...
  6. FS:Large locomotive and rolling stock collection

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hello, For the past twelve years, I've been collecting an HO locomotive and rolling stock fleet for the Wisconsin Central and other roads that ran with/near it. I also model the Midwest in the early 1970's in HO. I decided recently that this is way too much and have cut back to my 1970's era...
  7. Locomotive manufacturers

    Beginner Q & A
    So, since I am new to model railroading, I am trying to get a perspective on the various manufacturers of locomotives. I have compiled a list of the various brands that I am aware of and with which I have had some experience. Kato: Kato seems like they have the right blend of variety, sturdy...
  8. Cheap recommended model train stores online?

    General Model Train Discussion
    Hey everyone! So I plan to buy a new engine for my layout. I'm still deciding if I should get a AC4400CW, a SD40-2, or some switchers. But I don't want anything bachmann. I want at least an athearn, with cp rail paint. And more or less around 100$. Anyone know a site that they have tried out and...
  9. Quality HO Op. Videos

    HO Scale
    The first three videos show trains in operation on my HO layout. The fourth video is a layout update video which showcases the work which had been done. If you'd like to see more HO, O scale, full scale, or live steam footage please visit my channel - or...
  10. Why U No Stay on Track?!

    N Scale
    My bombardier coaches keep derailing randomly, then they fall off the table and crack open! Why does this happen?! This usually happens with the cab car, and every time the cab car cracks open, my custom pilots come off, and the trucks are twisted in the weirdest position ever! WTF?!:mad::mad::mad:
  11. Award winning student-made layout

    Model Train Videos
    This is a layout made by 7th and 8th graders for a coal fair in southern West Virginia. It was made over about 3 months. It earned second place at the coal fair that spanned over 4 counties. It is a CSX roadname and uses the old TYCO Virginian bottom dumping hoppers. Future updates will include...
  12. Athearn Trainpak power pack

    HO Scale
    Im about to finally get into model trains and I came across a great deal to start with. My only question is (and sadly enough my local hobby store knows more about rc cars and planes then about trains) does anyone know how well the Athearn Trainpak power pack works. If model trains stick with...
  13. Digitrax Decoder Problem

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    I am stuck on which to choose from; the Digitrax decoder dh123 and the dh 163. What is their differences? It would be going into an Athearn Rio Grande 5338. If you guys could help it would be great!
  14. Athearn Steam!

    HO Scale
    So here it is, what's everybody's view on the Athearn Steamer's? I'm talking the B&M pacifics, the 0-6-0, the 0-4-2t, the modern day steamer's, but No Roundhouse, please? Share, you're better for it!
  15. FS HO Rolling Stock hughe List

    Retailer Deals
    FS HO Rolling Stock hughe List Hi Guys, i have to sell: 2 x Accurail HO S.C.L. #7533 AAR Triple Hopper Kit each $9 Accurail #7531 HO Scale Kit 70 Ton Offset Triple Hopper, CN $9 Athearn HO Scale Atlantic Coast Line #25629 40' Modernized Box Car (Stock #70420) $14 Athearn HO Scale Seaboard Air...
  16. FS HO Engines huge List

    Retailer Deals
    FS HO Scale Engines Walthers, Atlas, Kato,Bachmann, Athearn, Model Power Hi Guys, i have to sell: Athearn 2 x Athearn HO Scale Delaware Otsego System #94120 RS-3 Locomotive - w/DCC Quick-Plug Equipped (102) each $55 Athearn "Genesis" HO Wisconsin & Southern F45 Locomotive #1002 (G67537) $89...
  17. New to the website / Large HO scale train collection

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hello everyone, I'm new to the site. I'm here to learn alittle about ho scale trains and also use this classified forum. My late stepfather had a large collection of ho scale trains that i would like to start listing. I think there are around 200 pieces that i have to sort out. I...
  18. Athearn sw1500 stalls

    HO Scale
    If I run the engine around the track I have no problems. If I use the engine as a switcher backing into sidings, building a larger train, etc, the engine stalls when and wherever I change direction. Sometimes it stalls on frogs. This I can take care of, but it stalls on good clean straight...
  19. FS: HO Scale Athearn SD60M Desert Storm w/ DCC & Sound

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hi guys, I am trying to sell my Athearn BN Desert Storm SD60M. This unit has been used very lightly and has spent most its time in my posession in its box. It has factory installed DCC and Sound and it works perfectly. It has already been programmed to its roadnumber 1991. The only reason that I...