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  1. UniSquare - An new alternative to eBay with no fees - Model Trains

    For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    Greetings, I just wanted to introduce you to our new marketplace called UniSquare, a 100% free site that you might be interested in related to buying, selling and auctioning just about anything online, including model trains and accessories: Model Trains and...
  2. selling trains

    General Model Train Discussion
    I have a large HO train collection(approximately 250 cars/engines) of all types and kinds and am looking to sell it to someone who can appreciate the hobby. Do any of you know of good outlets to sell the entire collection or good auction houses that specialize in HO train/toy acutions. Would...
  3. Online Auction Alternative

    Product Promotion
    To those of you who are fed up with that “other provider” of online auctions, My name is Brandon Bell, and I have developed a new website that may be of interest to you. I come from a family of model railroaders, so I am no stranger to the hobby (unfortunately, I don't have the room for a...