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  1. MU locomotives

    N Scale
    I was wondering about MU-ing locomotives and if it's at all possible? I tried it once, with Bachman locomotives, and it didn't work out well. For one thing, one of the locomotives that I tried it with, came in one of Bachman's "sets." The other, was a Bachman "stand-alone." The stand-alone was...
  2. Bachmann E-Z Track System Auto Reversing System 44547

    HO Scale
    First... My apologies if these details are well known. I did a bit of research before buying this, but there didn't seem to be any detailed analysis of how this worked, or how it could be used as part of a larger, non "auto-reverse EZ track" system. Here's the thing I'm talking about. To...
  3. Locomotive manufacturers

    Beginner Q & A
    So, since I am new to model railroading, I am trying to get a perspective on the various manufacturers of locomotives. I have compiled a list of the various brands that I am aware of and with which I have had some experience. Kato: Kato seems like they have the right blend of variety, sturdy...
  4. Lack of Smoke in HO Trains

    HO Scale
    I just bought a small Bachman Rio Grande steam loco for my son. It had both light and smoke and cost about $80.00. The train ran fine except it refused to smoke. At first I put 3-4 drops in and then when it didn't smoke after a few minutes I put a few more drops in. It still would not smoke. I...