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  1. Award winning student-made layout

    Model Train Videos
    This is a layout made by 7th and 8th graders for a coal fair in southern West Virginia. It was made over about 3 months. It earned second place at the coal fair that spanned over 4 counties. It is a CSX roadname and uses the old TYCO Virginian bottom dumping hoppers. Future updates will include...
  2. Bachmann Acela N Gauge Fix

    N Scale
    My first N Scale train was the Bachmann Acela set as soon as I got there were issues. The motor unit (cafe car) just wasn't impressing me with its power and one of the trucks even fell out when I picked it up. Needless to say after repairing that a gear fell out of the same truck after less an...
  3. Bachmann 2-6-2 Prairie DCC

    N Scale
    Has anyone ever installed a decoder in one of these? I've searched the google thing and only found one set of pictures but it wasn't overly informative. Just wondering if anyone had tried. Ben
  4. Bachmann N Scale Spectrum Acela Express Train Set with DCC

    For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    My Bachmann N Scale Acela set. If you want it for less than BIN, let me know. I'll give any MTF member a deal.
  5. New? Bachmann 4449 Daylight GS4

    HO Scale
    Hello everyone, this is my first post here and I'm excited to learn more about model trains! A little background, my son (now 8) has loved trains ever since growing up. We have boxes of Thomas tracks and engines laying around our house, over the past year or so he's really gotten into model...
  6. Bachmann HO questions

    General Model Train Discussion
    Greetings, One and All, First, I am new here, and I know very little specifically regarding model trains. I have an electronics background, so that will hopefully help. I bought a Bachmann Cargo King train set to use with my young sons. I have since bought a sufficient number of cars that...
  7. New Locomotives, Old Timer's, and a duck!!!

    HO Scale
    Let's say, a person would get two HO locomotives, and an OO guage, locomotive. The OO gauge needs the couplers changed maybe. But let's check out the HO locomotives, shal we: The first locomotive, is a Bachmann 2-8-2, old UP, Vanderbilt, Oli-burner, the cab needs the roof reattached. The...
  8. Just Aquired

    N Scale
    My late god father left me his collection of model train. I'm hoping I came to the right place to get educated about the value of the trains and bulidings. All of the trains (as far as I can tell) are all N scale. There are many different brands such as Revell, AHM, Bachmann, Atlas, & Arnold...
  9. Bachmann The Rock Question

    HO Scale
    i have a Bachmann The Rock 133274 series open top cargo car. what confuses me is, mine is full of coal. the ones i find online are all empty. what am i missing? thanks
  10. Bachmann Daylight?? Collector item? Value?

    HO Scale
    Hello. I dont know squat about HO scale or trains in general, but I discovered an old box of trains i had in storage. I havent seen many of these since i was very young but some of them look like they might be collectors items. Particularly one of them. Its a Bachmann Model of the Daylight...
  11. New to the website / Large HO scale train collection

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hello everyone, I'm new to the site. I'm here to learn alittle about ho scale trains and also use this classified forum. My late stepfather had a large collection of ho scale trains that i would like to start listing. I think there are around 200 pieces that i have to sort out. I...