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  1. Home Made Ballast

    Home Made Ballast

    home made results
  2. Home Made Ballast

    Home Made Ballast

    Home made sieve
  3. Real life materials

    General Model Train Discussion
    I am about to start on a N scale layout of the Surfline, I am thinking of using several real materials on the layout and I have several crucial questions, how would I prepare real sand to be used on the layout as a beach? Can I use real ballast as rocks? And if so, how do I prepare them? And are...
  4. Cleaning Dry Ballast

    General Model Train Discussion
    It looks like I put a little too much ballast, a beginer's mistake. It is all dried up now, and the train stalls from time to time. Please offer me advise on cleaning excess dry ballast from my N scale tracks. Maybe a knife or plastic sheet? Thank you!!! Brandon
  5. Ballest on drive wheel

    General Model Train Discussion
    I got some loose ballast into the drive wheel of a Kato SD-40, how do I remove it and clean the wheels? Thank you! Brandon
  6. Need advice from the wise men......

    HO Scale
    I'm at the point of doing my scenery and I need to do 1)Ballast 2)water (harbor) and 3)ground cover. What order do the wise ones recommend I do them in?
  7. Where to get cheap ballast?

    HO Scale
    My LHS has some, but they are outrageously over priced.. $6.99 for enough ballast to cover 25 inches or roughly 3 peices of track seams a weeee bit high to me! Any suggestions?