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  1. Layout Design Forum
    Greetings all, HELP - I guess in Southern California Home Depot and Lowe's does not sell full 4'x8' sheets of extruded (pink or blue) foam. Home Depot only sells 2'x2' by 1 inch extruded (pink) foam. I'm wanting to build a small 4'x3' N Scale layout on top of a 2" think foam. I purchased...
  2. General Model Train Discussion
    So I have a 4X8 table with a 3" lip on it. To make it even I am going to fill it up with a material here are the options im thinking about Pink Styrofoam A 3" thick sheet of plywood A 5X9 ping pong table on top of the table Or if you have any other suggestions please tell me in a reply and...
1-2 of 2 Results