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best ho track

  1. Deluxe Master ProCabR Wireless DCC Throttle nce11 Thoughts?

    HO Scale
    Starting new (again from the 70s) in HO. Bought an Athearn UP SD70ACe engine. My layout will most likely have 2 trains but might expand later on. Would appreciate your comments on this wireless throttle. I plan on DCC for the engines, accessory lighting, etc. Also the track. I'm thinking...
  2. HO Track and HO transformers?

    HO Scale
    (I posted this on a different forum, so if you saw this on a different forum, feel free to leave an answer on only one of the two postings. Thanks!) PLEASE EITHER READ THE WHOLE THING OR DON'T POST AN ANSWER. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS IN REGARDS TO WHAT I WANT TO KNOW, YOUR QUESTION MAY BE...