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  1. General Model Train Discussion
    I would like to fit a smoke generator in my 1996? Rivarossi red box Big Boy engine. It runs on standard DC track. I think a Seuthe generator might work but not sure what size. Any help? I also have no idea how to wire it up so if anyone could help me with a video possibly that would be great!
  2. O Scale
    So I'm thinking about getting a big boy, I see that K line states they can handle O-31 curves, my tightest will be considerably wider, the 2 big draws 1 conventional operation, I am a big time post war guy, so I'll be running conventional, and 2, Cost, I can't justify the equal of a mortgage...
  3. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    UPDATE 7/15/2018 - This has been sold. -mike
  4. Model Train Videos
    A brand new video shot today at the Twin Cities Model Railroad Museum: Enjoy!
  5. North America Bloody hell; we're screwed! The Big Boy's making a comeback, and we still don't have an NYC Hudson replica! What is wrong with this world??? - :mad: - I'd rather see the 20th Century brought back with one of the 4-8-2...
  6. O Scale
    Alright, this has been my dream train for many years. I found this on Lionel's store and i'm seriously thinking about owning my dream train. Who thinks I should get it?
  7. HO Scale
    Hi folks - new here and just coming back to the hobby. Anyone know where I might acquire a tender for a Rivarossi Big Boy? Mine is mysteriously missing and I know the company went under. Anyone sell these separately for a reasonable price? I understand there used to be a Monogram kit for the...
1-7 of 7 Results