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  1. Technical Model Train Forum
    Over the years I've acquired several BLI loco's and I love them - they're great IMO. However, the documentation on them is pretty suspect and could use some work to say the least. Currently, I'm running a Paragon 3 Rolling Thunder EMD SD9 - and it works great. However, I've been playing lately...
  2. N Scale
    A BLI E9 diesel (CB&Q) on my DCC layout powered by an NEC Procab had operated normally until today. While running it with two other BLI E9s it failed to respond to the throttle. The lights, bell, whistle and sound respond to commands. The darned thing even makes acceleration as I increase the...
  3. HO Scale
    Hello, Looking for ideas before I call Broadway Limited support tomorrow. I purchased a BLI 4-6-2 steam locomotive and have had short circuit problems that I don't have with my Genesis 2-8-2 or diesel locomotives. None of those have sound etc. At first I thought maybe the Paragon 2 just...
1-3 of 3 Results