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  1. Revenge of The Cajon: New BNSF VS Union Pacific Video!

    North America
    Hey guys, sorry been another busy last few months and I was sick for a while which didn't let me get out to much. Back and better than ever, wanted to bring to you guys episode III in the Battle of Cajon Series. Hope you all enjoy, more to come soon! Thank you for all you love, support and...
  2. A Battle at Cajon Pass, Winter 2018

    North America
    Hello everyone, It's been awhile! I've been dealing with business and school affairs the last few weeks and now back to work bringing ya'll some awesome, scuffed railroad content! Hope you all enjoy the venture to Cajon over the last few weeks, more new content coming soon!
  3. Fuselage Transport Montana Rail Link Mp 224.7 East Of Louisville

    Fuselage Transport Montana Rail Link Mp 224.7 East Of Louisville

    BNSF fuselages being transported on a freight train on the MRL line east of Louisville and Helena, Montana.
  4. BNSF Vs. UP: The Battle of Cajon

    North America
    Spent some time in Cajon a few weeks back. Non stop action as train after train rolled by. Hope you all enjoy.
  5. BNSF G Scale Dash 9 Freight Train Video/Imagination Station

    Model Train Videos
    A group of local G scale kids got together to make a video for You Tube of a freight train with a military tank load on one car. This video was a test in patients and tolerance as the kids learned that when you film a video, a host of catastrophic things can go wrong and force you to have...
  6. Patch Out / Patch Over Cars

    Technical Model Train Forum
    I recently purchased 10 BN box cars. Sents BN was bough out by BNSF I want those cars to look real by patching over / out the old rail numbers and line. (Ex patch over/ out the BN w BNSF and old no. with new no.) I cannot find pictures of these cars, but and can find the locos. Also did then...
  7. Aristocraft BNSF/Pan Am Railways G Scale Video For Kids - Imagination Station KOT

    Model Train Videos
    Here is another video made for kids of ALL ages filmed by kids in our program. This is a video of 3 Aristocraft locomotives pulling a very long freight train. There are 2 BNSF Dash 9's and a Pam Am Railways SD45 at the head end. It was filmed in HD. Hope it looks OK on other devices. There are 2...
  8. Imagination Station Kids On Track New Donations

    Imagination Station Kids On Track New Donations

  9. Imagination Station Kids on Track Videos For All Ages

    Model Train Videos
    Imagination Station Kids on Track has posted a few new videos on You Tube with mostly Aristocraft, USA & LGB equipment for everyone to enjoy. This will include cab rides, train rides and full train views. Just thought everyone would enjoy them. Ken* BNSF Freight...
  10. Kenjuro's HO Layout (1st Layout ever!)

    HO Scale
    Hello everyone, I have loved trains since I was like a day old and now I finally have the space to build a layout. I already have a 8 x 4 table built and a few tracks on it but I am going to re-do everything this weekend. I am going to stick to Southern Pacific, Amtrak and BNSF.... even though...
  11. Bnsf


    Burlington Northern Sante Fe Road Colors
  12. my mth scale h0.csx intermodal.

    Model Train Videos
  13. Sunny Day Locomotives

    Sunny Day Locomotives

    BNSF SD-70 ACE and CN Locomotive in Joliet, IL.
  14. BNSF Engine Shed - Joliet, IL

    BNSF Engine Shed - Joliet, IL

    Two Canadian National Engines at the BNSF Locomotive Works in Joilet, IL.
  15. Pair Of Bnsf Sd-70 Ace

    Pair Of Bnsf Sd-70 Ace

  16. BNSF Sd-70 ACE #9131

    BNSF Sd-70 ACE #9131