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  1. HO Scale
    Hey guys I'm back! I am looking to expand my exsiting layout which is a "U" shape made of 3 pieces of 4x8 plywood. I want to add an "L" shape to it consisting of 3 pieces of 4x8 plywood. My existing layout can run 3 locos without crashing plus yard activity. The new layout will be able to run...
  2. DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    [This is should only be of interest to users who already have a Bachmann/Dynamis and Bachmann-5-Amp-Booster(s). You should not attempt to use this solution or a similar one if you do not understand DCC-phase-alignment of DCC power-stations in the DCC-powered-track-districts, or do not fully...
  3. DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    I have an easy trick to extend the life of your digitrax command station and Boosters. As a lot of you know heat or excessive heat build up in electronics is a bad thing! Adding a fan to help dissipate heat is smart and very cost effective. I just used a 3" computer fan to blow air across the...
1-3 of 3 Results