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  1. N Scale
    Hello, I have a MRC Yagoslavia Locomotive, it's running power is really bad when I use my bachmann train to compare them the bachmann loco has no problem running, the MRC loco does not go until I turn the power to max speed, when I connect it with another train it just goes really slow giving...
  2. HO Scale
    Hello ! , some of my Lionel, bachman and tyco engines will have this problem where they will run for a minute or two than stop , this is not a track cleaning problem as far as I’m concerned and I have other trains that will run for hours perfectly. To me the trains seem like they are over...
  3. N Scale
    My Kato E5 N scale stopped working so I took it apart, when I took it apart I saw the this thing (sorry, don't know the name, in picture) wasn't working so where can I get a replacement part?
  4. O Scale
    Okay, so volcano might be a stretch, but that's how it looks to me when my dear train is freaking out. It's from 1993, family got it when I was two. It was the family train and was used at Christmas and any time we kids wanted to play with it. When I went off to college, I didn't get to see...
  5. O Scale
    I have a Lionel engine I received as a kid probably 30 years ago. It is a steam engine with a plastic body, the number 8602 silk-screened on the side--I don't see any other serial numbers or part numbers visible). I'll attach a photo in case that helps! (Please excuse my disorderly desk!)...
1-5 of 5 Results