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  1. Im looking for

    HO Scale
    im looking for free templates?plans for ho 1:87 farm building and park?garden. im brand new to model building and im brand new to using forum so i hope this is where im suppose to b
  2. Anyone hate CA glue (superglue) like I do?

    Painting, detailing and decaling
    It hasn't improved since years ago when I was using it on balsa RC aircraft. At least on wood you can drip it on the joint, wait for a puff of smoke and you know it has set. Now I'm using it to attach brass etched parts to plastic, building a Steam Era Models Victorian Railways GY Wagon - nice...
  3. Acrylic Models

    Structures Forum
    I recently purchesed an acrylic model by CMR (Custom Model Railroads) and I am unsure what kind of glue is ok to use. With that said I did conduct an experiment with several brands and types. As of now I have not noticed and changes ex. metling, warping, discoloration, ect. Testors Model Glue...
  4. Textures and background images.

    General Model Train Discussion
    Hi, I found the following web site,, that has a lot of photo images one can download and use as background images. If you need some building pictures to put on a flat to fill in your urban scenes, this would be the web site to visit! Tim.
  5. Simple track laying and Mountain building

    Layout Design Forum
    I'll show you how to go from a simple flat board to a nice 3D add-on for your layout for cheap and easy. The principals can be used for virtually any scale and size. This small layout / diorama board took about 8 hours to build, most of that time was waiting for material to dry. The final...
  6. Looking for Historical/Architecture type of building?

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    I need a gift for someone, and I'm looking for a building that would be anything of European historical importance. Does anyone know a website or a seller where I could find something like this?
  7. Building a Control Panel Question

    Beginner Q & A
    I'd like to build a Control Panel for my train set. Can anyone recommend the type of material I should use for the panel that will have microswitches and LEDs attached? Thanks.
  8. O Scale Building

    O Scale Building

    Image out of a 1955 book. I glued the image to foam core for construction.Neat Huh!