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  1. N Scale
    I need bumpers in my N 55 environment. I cannot find any. Is it because I can use a N 80 bumper, instead? After all, at this point -the end of the track- the height of the rail should not matter, right?
  2. O Scale
    I have a nice collection of bumpers in great condition except for a minor problem with one of them. The metal connector that touches the center rail doesn't quite reach so the bumper doesn't get power. It should be a simple fix to bend it down but I can't tell how to remove the base to get...
  3. O Scale
    The last train show I bought some bumpers. They needed some paint and had no bulbs or cap lens. A good deal never the less. The first thing is removal of the pins to remove the inner parts. One method I notched the pin with a cutting wheel and used a screwwdriver for removal. The only problem is...
  4. F7. At The Throttle Royal Gorge Rr

    In the cab of the Royal Gorge F7.
1-4 of 4 Results