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  1. North America
    Hello all, I hope this note finds all safe and well. I just finished reading the excellent book, "Cabooses of the Union Pacific". There is some information about Union Pacific's Drovers cars ...... ... some converted from retired wooden boxcars - boxcar red? ... others were...
  2. O Scale
    I have one MTH caboose that no matter how much motor oil I put on the collector it squeaks going around corners. I can even get it to squeak rotating the collector by hand. I'll add a drop of oil to it and test it, no squeak, and then about 5 minutes after I put it back on the track it's...
  3. For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    Hello everyone, I am currently selling several hundred HO scale items on ebay. All items were purchased back in the early 90's and are all discontinued today. For every item that sells, I'll add a new item in its place. All auctions will run for a 10 day duration. So check it out, you might...
  4. O Scale
    Hey everyone! This is actually my first post to this forum as I just recently joined last night. I have been looking through threads and have seen how incredibly knowledgeable a lot of you are so I figured Id pick some of your brains for a question to something Ive been thinking about for a...
  5. O Scale
    I found this guy at an antique store. What interests me is the age. The trucks are staple end (pre1953) and it is lighted. The shell number is - 6357-3 I had to rewire it, the old bulb now black and useless. I cleaned it up and repainted the frame. It does have a brass wheel. The...
  6. General Model Train Discussion
    I dont know how long ago its been that trains no longer have cabooses but I was wondering if people around here are running them on their models anymore ¿ Also would like to know what happened to the cabooses, were they all junked or is there a boneyard for them like there are for airplanes?
  7. O Scale
    I first started with a 6017 style unmarked caboose from the 60's. What I did was extended the sides of the cupola outward to mimic a different caboose. From THis............................................................... to THis
  8. Caboose Stack

    early fix to cover a hole
1-8 of 11 Results