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  1. Structures Forum
    We have just uploaded our second YouTube video tutorial. This one is based on our online Cardstock Construction tutorial and uses a 1970's house as an example. The video is generic in nature but shows both an N scale and an HO scale version. They are also available in O and OO. Here is the...
  2. General Model Train Discussion
    Just completed an HO Scale Cardstock model of the Rural Retreat Virginia depot. All proceeds go toward the restoration project underway. Please support them if you are able. It's great to see another historic building saved from demolition.
  3. Z Scale
    It's been a while since I did my last Z scale project. I didn't want to get out of practice, so here's my second project. Again, I used our N scale plans and reduced. The small trees immediately behind the houses are alder seeds painted with green acrylic.
  4. Structures Forum
    I was browsing the craft store the other day looking for a scoring tool and I ended up in the Martha Stewart section. I noticed an interesting looking pair of scissors, and my mind got to thinking... We're adding a range of cardstock kits to the lineup, so I thought I'd do some experimenting...
  5. O Scale
    This is an O scale structure using 110lb cardstock and the tutorial at: Windows, doors, and siding can be cropped from ANY photograph and "painted" into plans. TC
  6. Structures Forum
    What started out as a service to customers is now turning into a fettish for me. Even though I use almost exclusively wood structures on my layout, I am really getting addicted to cardstock modelling. Maybe working with scissors and glue makes me feel young again This is my latest.
  7. Structures Forum
    This is my first OO scale project. As soon as my OO scale windows come in I'll build a basswood version too. TC
  8. N Scale Cottage

    N scale cardstock construction
  9. Cookstown Tavern

    N scale in cardstock constrcution
1-9 of 9 Results