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  1. Model Train Videos
    A group of local G scale kids got together to make a video for You Tube of a freight train with a military tank load on one car. This video was a test in patients and tolerance as the kids learned that when you film a video, a host of catastrophic things can go wrong and force you to have...
  2. Model Train Videos
    Imagination Station Kids on Track has posted a few new videos on You Tube with mostly Aristocraft, USA & LGB equipment for everyone to enjoy. This will include cab rides, train rides and full train views. Just thought everyone would enjoy them. Ken* BNSF Freight...
  3. General Model Train Discussion Here are some videos of of trains that kids are able to operate on our children's G scale model railroad. These are G scale HD videos of the following: 1. CP, BC, BNSF, Rail freight...
1-3 of 3 Results