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  1. General Model Train Discussion
    Christmas tree base - 6’ diameter
  2. O Scale
    Here's the current incarnation of my display with Christmas-themed trains only. At this point in my life the display "evolves" each year rather than getting created anew.
  3. Beginner Q & A
    In the mid/late 70's I got into HO model railroading. I had a 4x8 table with a simple layout which kept me (sometime) out of mischief as a teen. Unfortunately all that equipment is gone. But now with two grandsons, 2 & 10 months, and seeing some neat Christmas displays online, I'm getting the...
  4. For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    Hello, We have a Lionel store called and we have a coupon code of 4% off everything in the store. The code is 4%0OOfFN$% just use that code during check out. It may not seem like much but we have pretty good prices on our Lionel train sets. We will be adding more sets soon &...
  5. General Model Train Discussion
    I got a 50 inches by 50 inches space available for a winter theme layout. If I choose to go HO, I will have a turntable and two short sidings, but not much room for much buildings or scenery. If I choose to go N scale, I will have two tracks, two sidings complete with a small town. I don't know...
  6. General Model Train Discussion
    I have a 50 inch by 50 inch space for a winter theme layout in either HO scale or N scale. Which scale should I do? I am also contemplating whether to run trains or trolleys? Thank you! Brandon
  7. General Model Train Discussion
    I wish to start on a N scale winter scene that sould be completed just in time for Christmas. What materials should I use? I heard plaster, will that work as snow? Steps that I should take? I am thinking of painting the whole layout with earth color, then cover it with some type of material to...
  8. My Layout
    Been meaning to post these for a while. The son and I dolled up the layout for a holiday tour to the neighborhood kids. Was a blast! Kids love trains! :D:thumbsup: Didn't get any shots of the "Boys Tour", but the ladies had fun, too! Hope everyone is having a happy New YEar! ~Kingred
  9. My Layout
    So in order to negotiate more hobby time, I need to incorporate the winter season and the holidays into the layout. Santa brought the Bachmann Xmas train last year, and we'd love to dress up Oakville Junction for the Holidays! Wondering if anyone has some seasonal / temporary decorations and...
  10. Structures Forum
    I'm interested in Lionel's "Santa's Sleigh Pylon" but it is not exactly what I want. Does anyone have any ideas about how I could make my own? What I need is the pylon to be a tree, not a tower. I know I could just make the pylon into a tree easily, but I figure since I am altering one...
  11. General Model Train Discussion
    Just wanted to show some picture of my son at the Santa Special train ride today. Great pictures of a great steam railway in operation. We also did the North Pole Express last week which is the company's take on the Polar Express.
  12. O Scale
    I just purchased an addition to my Christmas layout. I got a Lionel Santa Snowman boxcar (6-26739) where the Santa figure and Snowman figure exchange on a trestle above the track. My problem is this is configured for the old flat track and I have just upgraded to the Fast Track. The trestle...
  13. Model Train Videos
    Lynn has decorated several gondola cars for her Christmas train. Denny Todd Las Vegas, NV.
  14. Model Train Videos
    How fortunate I am to have a girl friend like Lynn who loves model trains. :) Here are two videos of a Christmas train she is creating. Lynn did it all and is not finished yet. She hopes to have red & green double header engines pulling more cars as she produces them. The next three weekends...
  15. O Scale
    I've seen pics of colored lights around O Scale towns. I presume they light up. Where does one get strings like that so you could decorate your own Xmas town scene?? Thanks. Mr. Bill
1-16 of 17 Results