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  1. General Model Train Discussion
    I was trying to find specs. for bridges and I stumbled across the CSX PDF. Page 17-27 were the most interesting, defently if you want your modelrail as close to the real thing as possiable...
  2. N Scale
    Hello all, I have finally taken a deep breath and started on my second layout. Like many other users, I scrapped my first layout after it became too unmanageable and after the cat poked countless holes in the scenery, as she climbed into the middle of it (it was a kind of Godzilla effect)...
  3. HO Scale
    Hello I am a complete beginner when it comes to train modeling. I am doing a project for a class that involves modeling a construction site. Some of the work has already been done by a previous student, but my partner and I have had to take apart the model complete and rebuild a lot of it. The...
1-3 of 3 Results