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  1. HO Scale
    Hello I have some DC version locos. Previously to control those locos I used Bachman's controller. Now that controller is broken and unusable so I'm looking to buy a new controller. Can you advise which controller to use below( see atach pictures): 1. Power Pack and Speed Controller - Blue...
  2. New Member Introduction
    I tinkered back before dcc electronics. Always I wanted a simple loop around a few city blocks to run a streetcar like Louisville had in the 30's-50's. I manually stop and go each stop. Now I'm ready to make it an automated so I can enjoy the thing. No reversing shuttle or dcc. Just a 15 sec...
  3. For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    I have not tested this, and I am accepting 14 day returns. The auction starts at $0.99 plus shipping. Link:
  4. O Scale
    HELP! I purchased a Gantry crane and the controller didn't have a "lock" for the magnet. So I purchased an older model control which had the lock option. After spending a couple hours tracing leads and trying to match the action from the wiring of the controls then trying different combinations...
  5. O Scale
    Howdy, I have a few of these newer version 022 switches. The 6-5132 and 6-5133. The one odd thing with both switches is that the controllers work opposite of the light. The red light is on top and the green light is on the bottom. If I want to switch from green to red I have to pull down to...
  6. S Scale
    I have accumulated quite a collection of switch tracks and controllers. I think I read somewhere that some of the older controllers that are not what I would call "momentary" in their powering of the switch track, and that they shouldn't be used with the switches that were designed to be used...
1-6 of 6 Results