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  1. N Scale
    Hi, I am currently switching scale and going from Marklin HO to Kato N to pack more on a 8 x 4 layout. Also would like to make a Kyushu inspired layout. Therefore the first trains 10-1394 and 10-813. I need guidance on which DCC decoder I can "easily" install in those trains. I have done...
  2. General Model Train Discussion
    I am planning on having Kato Unitrack fit with a Atlas code 80 track heading into a Atlas turntable. How would I make the conversion between Kato and Atlas tracks, and any potential problems? Thank you! Brandon
  3. O Scale
    I just purchased an addition to my Christmas layout. I got a Lionel Santa Snowman boxcar (6-26739) where the Santa figure and Snowman figure exchange on a trestle above the track. My problem is this is configured for the old flat track and I have just upgraded to the Fast Track. The trestle...
  4. HO Scale
    Hey guys i was wondering what 252km (156.5 Miles) would be in HO Scale. Appreciate it since I'm making a PERFECTLY scale of the Warrnambool to Melbourne (,_Victoria) train line and i want it to be perfect. Tom (West Coast Rail Lover)
1-4 of 4 Results