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  1. N Scale
    Can anyone recommend a reputable repair person that would install MT couplers on my Kato F3 ABA set? I live near Sacramento CA. I don't have the boxes for them. I would rather not ship them. Thank you!
  2. N Scale
    Hello, I am in need of replacement couplers for my N gauge Arnold HN2252-31 Burlington Norther EMD SW1 Locomotive. Does anyone know the Arnold part number or the micro-trains replacement number for this Locomotive?
  3. HO Scale
    I have been converting my old horn hook to the new Kadee's. I have quite a few older bachmann and tyco cars. How do/ what kind of Kadee will fit in the reciever. I can put one in but it is unstable due the the pin being small.
  4. HO Scale
    Bachmann makes several different 0-6-0 models. (The 0-6-0 tank engine is not included in this discussion, only the tender models.)They make two in Greyhound scheme and two in regular black paint scheme. Of these, one model of each is DCC and one is straight DC. But they all have one annoying...
  5. HO Scale
    Hi, I'm new to this forum and just beginning to get back into HO RR hobby after many years away. I have several passenger cars that have truck mounter couplers with no gear box or cap. They appear to accept a snap-in coupler. They are Horn type couplers that I wish to replace with...
  6. O Scale
    Bar End Truck Postwar Era Shoe contact needing the fourth and fifth rail.It operated the coupler or a coil. Coil coupler Staple end that predated the Bar End Scout Coupler from the late 40's,not compatible with the standard coupler. Bottom plate became the adapter for the Scout truck...
1-6 of 6 Results