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  1. HO Scale
    Hello everybody. Thanks to Santa Claus, my oldest son is really into HO trains. A while back, one of my friends gave us a Rivarossi 4-6-6-2 GG-1 electric locomotive he had as a kid. Looking at the paperwork that was in the box I believe it dates from the late 60's. I don't think it had the...
  2. O Scale
    I've have a number of old k-line, lionel, and other rolling stock with these metal couplers that have a plastic arm to lock them. Is this not the worst design ever? These are the ones I'm talking about These things uncouple constantly because there is nothing really pushing the plastic back...
  3. General Model Train Discussion
    want to make a manual coupler pic for uncoupling "kadee" type couplers. any plans? how to use? kadee's not so hot.
  4. O Scale
    I recently bought a Lionel PRR RPO car and, stupid me, I just assumed it would come with the coupler attached. Anyway, I can't post Picts right now but below is a link to an image of the trucks with couplers. Is there a good place to get replacement couplers? I'm planning on using this car for...
  5. Tender Coupler Won't Stay Closed

    when pulling cars, it tends to open up
  6. O Scale
    Lionel steam engine and the tender coupler won't stay locked. As soon as it has weight pulling on it, it releases. Any ideas how to prevent that from happening? Mr. Bill
  7. General Model Train Discussion
    Hi all, I'm recently "back" into HO RR, after a 30+ year sleep. Having lots of fun ... I've dusted off my old Tyco trains/tracks, added some early 1960's Fleischmann locos and cars, and am building a rural 1950's-style 4x8 layout. All good, so far. But ... While all of my (old) cars connect...
  8. O Scale
    Bar End Truck Postwar Era Shoe contact needing the fourth and fifth rail.It operated the coupler or a coil. Coil coupler Staple end that predated the Bar End Scout Coupler from the late 40's,not compatible with the standard coupler. Bottom plate became the adapter for the Scout truck...
1-8 of 8 Results