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  1. 3D-Printed coupler mount.

    HO Scale
    Recently, I came into the possession of a HO scale CPRAIL 5004 locomotive which is in good condition and works well, except that the mounts for the couplers had been removed. I contacted Bachmann to see if they could help but the train is simply too old and they don't stock the parts needed to...
  2. New forum member with basis questions

    HO Scale
    This may be a long thread, but I have lots of basic questions. 1. I am a new HO model railroader, as a child and adult with my kids, I had an American Flyer set, am a DIY so I’m reasonably familiar with electric. I have a layout with two 8 x 11’ panels connected with a 4 x 2’ panel to form...
  3. My O gauge Tinplate/Prewar thread

    Ok so as I mentioned in my Standard Gauge thread I was at a place called the Old and Weary Car Shop located in Tappan NY getting the wheels on my uncles Standard Gauge Locomotive. While I was there I was obligated to browse the store. It was pretty much breaking a train collector law if I...
  4. Kadee Coupler confusion! HO

    Beginner Q & A
    I bought a Roco F-class diesel and it came with couplers I don't recognise, they look nothing like the Hornby couplers I'm used to. I found out they are probably made by Kadee and that the loco has a NEM 362 coupler pocket. I take that to mean that any kind of coupler conforming to NEM 362 is...
  5. Do all O gauge vessels have compatible couplers regardless of brand?

    Beginner Q & A
    I’m looking at this locomotive, car hopper and caboose. Locomotive Coal Hopper Caboose Will the...
  6. MTL Coupler Question

    N Scale
    Hi all - I'm new to N scale and this forum after decades in HO. Kadee has marketed an HO coupler assortment for years and it was always handy for doing coupler conversions. I haven't been able to find a similar variety pack of MTL couplers. Does MTL offer anything like this? And if not, what...
  7. Passenger Train Couplers

    General Model Train Discussion
    I have a Riverrossi passenger train set that derails on curves sometimes. The cars have two different size couplers, long shank and short. Is that why they are derailing? doc23456
  8. Replacing couplers

    HO Scale
    So right now I am replacing couplers on my athearn RTR Napa Valley Wine Train cars. The one thing I hate the most is trying to pry open the stupid coupler box cover with a flat head screw driver (yes, I know, not the best Idea but the only one I could come up with). So my question to you all...
  9. Atlas rolling stock couplers

    O Scale
    Scale: O 3 Rail I notice ATLAS has the smaller coupler, which is scale, on their rolling stock. Do they also have the same size coupler on rolling stock that Lionel has? All the pics I have seen show the "scale" smaller couplers on their rolling stock. I'd like to purchase some, but don't...
  10. Couplers

    General Model Train Discussion
    Hi all, I'm recently "back" into HO RR, after a 30+ year sleep. Having lots of fun ... I've dusted off my old Tyco trains/tracks, added some early 1960's Fleischmann locos and cars, and am building a rural 1950's-style 4x8 layout. All good, so far. But ... While all of my (old) cars connect...
  11. Simple Question on Walthers Coupler Boxes

    HO Scale
    I have a Walthers 50' Center Beam Flat Car that I bought without couplers. I am having some problems figuring out what kind of coupler boxes or box covers I need to complete the car. I am planning on using horn hook couplers on this. What should I be looking for? Can anybody help me out on this one?