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  1. O Scale
    This is the rehab of my new 810. From Listen to your wife thread. Post number 8
  2. Model Train Photo Gallery
    Hi, I'm waiting for my ROBEL Maintenance Vehicle with Crane - Kibri 16100, but I have no intention to use the original Kibri decals sheet. As mentioned previously I do my own decals but I'm going to need a scan of the Kibri decal sheet for this model as well as a scan of the instructions...
  3. O Scale
    Hello everyone. I always get help here. I just got a 182 crane with black buttons and looks great. I need to rewire the magnet and find out why it will not swing left and right. the cable up and down works. when I try the swing the motor runs but the uper gear does not turn. I can't seem to find...
  4. G / #1 Scale
    Hi all, Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum. I have a standard gauge crane car from my Grandpa's collection. I cannot find any trace of it on the internet, or at eBay. Can you help me identify it, and a rough approximation of what may be worth...
  5. O Scale
    I have a 6560 crane that someone....not me...really...drew on with a black marker. Looks like they wanted to add black stripes to the top and color in the door hingers and what not. I would like to remove the marker without damaging the red crane. I tried dish soap but that didn't do the...
  6. S Scale
    I need wiring diagram for American Flyer Electromagnetic Crane #583. I purchase it at a swap meet in town. It was complete except for the wiring, which was a mess. It was headed for the scape yard. I alway like a challenge. It gives me something to do in my spare time! I have cleaned everything...
  7. O Scale
    the boom sector gear is part # 810-20, the half gear at the base of the boom that is driven by the brass spiral gear in the cab. it's purpose is to raise and lower the boom. does anyone have experience removing and replacing this part? i have the boom assembly out (it's surprisingly heavy!)...
  8. Arizona & California Rr

    Their 1912-built 120 ton crane. I think it's a beautiful prototype
  9. O Scale
    Good Morning! The cab on my 2460 crane car has 2 cracks. Both appear to be, "Stress Cracks" from the use of the 2 boom, elevating wheels. What would be the best way to repair the crack and create a stronger backing for those areas? Also, do you think those flat, plastic toothpicks would work...
  10. O Scale
    Bethlehem Steel work train. (with PRR helper cars and a few others mixed in.) Looks like I caught an Orb floating around by the box.:thumbsup:
  11. O Scale
    I'm working on repairing my Lionel 6460 Crane car. It was badly damaged in storage or moving. I have been able to glue the cab back together, and am wondering if there is something like Bondo that can help hide the cracked places. Also, the original cord on the pulley is gone. I don't see a part...
  12. O Scale
    In another thread ED requested some crane action. Here it is. To the right is the 6460 with a 2419 Work Caboose. The other is a 6560 with a 6119-25.
  13. # 21 Crane

    Hederson's point, Kittery, Me
1-13 of 13 Results