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    I was trying to find specs. for bridges and I stumbled across the CSX PDF. Page 17-27 were the most interesting, defently if you want your modelrail as close to the real thing as possiable...
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    Good evening. I'm looking to buy a new or used HO Scale CSX locomotive. I'd prefer the following, but please let me know what you have, because it may work. Good overall exterior condition (nothing broken/scraped off) Does not have to run; using for a static shelf layout YN3 Paint Scheme; may...
  3. General Model Train Discussion
    I had these laying around in my pics library, from a couple of weathering and scenery projects, thought I would drop them on here in case anyone ever wanted to use as a reference or something, nothing major at all, just a few pics of eastern rock faces on the c&o and couple pics of the side of...
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    This is a layout made by 7th and 8th graders for a coal fair in southern West Virginia. It was made over about 3 months. It earned second place at the coal fair that spanned over 4 counties. It is a CSX roadname and uses the old TYCO Virginian bottom dumping hoppers. Future updates will include...
  6. Csx Train

    Csx Train

    a picture while railfanning
  7. Csx Train

    Csx Train

    a picture while railfanning