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  1. How to Lay Out Easements and Superelevated Curves

    N Scale
    Here is a simple explanation of how easements and superelevation work and how to employ them on your layout to help your trains run and look great.
  2. Making Perfect Flex Track Curves

    Layout Design Forum
    Hi Guys, I found something cool today and just wanted to share it for others who might me looking for something similar. They are called sweep sticks and used to shape flex track or making hand laid track. They come in any radius you want and all scales. Here is the link...
  3. Miller Engineering city viaduct curve help

    HO Scale
    Hi all, I'm a relatively young HO railroader and brand new to this forum. I was just wondering if anyone around here has ever tried to make a curve on one of Miller Engineering’s double track city viaduct kits. I have a double track with an 18"R outside and 15"R inside curve; I have the...
  4. Radius or Trucks

    N Scale
    Does anybody else have an issue with longer rolling stock binding up on Kato Unitrack 12 3/8" radius curves? I seem to be having an issue with several pieces of my rolling stock that I can't figure out. A 50' Athern box car rolls fine, however a 50' Atlas box car and a 60' MicroTrains centerbeam...