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  1. O Scale
    Rivarossi & the Indiana Harbor Belt U4a While browsing the internet a while ago I happened upon a discussion about Rivarossi’s O-Scale 2 rail steam locomotive kits, namely their Indiana Harbor Belt 0-8-0 (class U4a). This is a BIG locomotive for an 0-8-0; it is beefier than most Mikados, and is...
  2. O Scale
    I thought some people on the forum might be interested in this project. After WW2, like most railroads, the New Haven re-equipped its premier passenger trains with stainless steel equipment. As part of this order, two of its 'County' series baggage-parlor-lounge cars (New London County & Putnam...
  3. General Model Train Discussion
    Does anyone know where to get either Cascade Talgo cars, or Talgo cars similar to those used by Amtrak in N scale. Thank you! Brandon
  4. General Model Train Discussion
    I am buying a undecorated N Scale Kato sd 70 to paint it my self, I am wondering about how I would custom make the number board? Thank you! Brandon
  5. Model Train Photo Gallery
    I thought I would share the final product of my first project "set" I completed for someone else. This loco started life as a HO Bachmann UP GP40 and the Caboose started life as a HO Bachmann Santa Fe. The owner wanted me to create his first custom loco for his layout, based off an article...
  6. O Scale
    I just started to build a layout and i'm planning to have the time period set in the present day. Ive seen some of the mass-produced cars with the graffiti on them and it looks fake to me. So, I had a friend of mine paint up a couple of box cars with some graffiti. Graffiti on model trains seems...
  7. O Scale
    Does anyone know if personalized train cars can be purchased? I want to give it as a Christmas gift to someone and wanted to put their place of business logo on the sides of the car. I was going to buy a plain white car and paint the logo on myself, but don't want to have a sloppy finished...
  8. Pair Of Bnsf Sd-70 Ace

    Pair Of Bnsf Sd-70 Ace

  9. BNSF Sd-70 ACE #9131

    BNSF Sd-70 ACE #9131

  10. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hello all, Selling these mint condition never been used units for my father. He has 11 Atlas O - Custom Supreme 0 Switches (0 Gauge) available - $50 each O-36 Lefthand Remote O-36 Righthand Remote O-45 Lefthand Remote O-45 Righthand Remote I do not know much about these, my father is the...