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  1. First time building a dcc layout

    New Member Introduction
    Hi everyone, This is the first I have ever been in a forum, I have watched alot of youtube videos and they say if you need help these are where you should come. This isn't my first time building an HO layout ( small 4x8 DC layout) but this one is 16 x 10 and DCC. , I have the track down and the...
  2. New to DCC - Trying to Configure Train Lighting (Some bulbs not working correctly)

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    Hello Everyone, I finally made the jump to DCC this evening. Though I'm facing a few issues, watching multiple trains just sit on the layout waiting, with lights on and not moving is awesome. Better yet, bright lights without having to put the train into "back to the future" mode is great! I'm...
  3. Connect Digitrax DS64 to MRC Prodigy base Station

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    Hello, I am new to model trains and this is my first post here so please forgive me if this is a very beginner question and I am missing something obvious. I have a Prodigy Express Command Control station which I am not very happy with and have plans to move to Digitrax in the future. But for...
  4. Other Lighting & Signalling Control using arduino/ws2812 addressable LEDs

    Product Promotion
    Hi, Would like to share a lighting solution I have put together and provided in the opensource domain. It is free for hobbyists (non-commercial use). It is a ws2812 addressable LED / Arduino based solution. It isn't a commercial product...
  5. LaisDcc with JMRI

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    HI, I use LaisDcc 8 func with stay alive decoders.... I can normally program CV-s with ROCO z21 system, everything works as it should, in JMRI i can use all locos normally but I can not program CV inside JMRI, can You help how to do it in JMRII? Dragan P.S. error is 308, no acknowledge from...
  6. wiring dcc power districts

    N Scale
    Anyone know how to wire the dcc track for separating or isolating to prevent total shutdown when there is a short circuit. I use NCE throttles and looked briefly at the EB1 circuit protector. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  7. NCE Procab potential setup. Will it work?

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    Hello, I recently got an NCE Procab, but it didn't come with anything but the handheld. I'd like to use it on my layout without buying a Powercab so I think I may have found a solution. 1. NCE Powercab connection panel 2. NCE Powercab connection panel power supply 3. Track power connector from...
  8. BLI diesel failing to move

    N Scale
    A BLI E9 diesel (CB&Q) on my DCC layout powered by an NEC Procab had operated normally until today. While running it with two other BLI E9s it failed to respond to the throttle. The lights, bell, whistle and sound respond to commands. The darned thing even makes acceleration as I increase the...
  9. Engine rus backward only

    N Scale
    How do I solve this problem. I have reversed the leads, tried the reverse direction switch on the power supply, etc... History: I had a Bachmann 3 car 1 engine set given to me years ago with the fast track. I didn't get into the hobby at the time but I am starting now. I ordered a Bach...
  10. DCC Locomotive Test Track

    General Model Train Discussion
    Hi, new forum member with a real rookie question. I'm in an apartment and don't really have room for a HO layout, but I'm collecting HO loco's and cars. I wanted to make a small 4' track to simply test a locomotive when purchased to make sure the sound, lighting and motor works. I'm thinking...
  11. Better way to install DCC decoders

    Product Promotion
    Decoder Buddy is a: Small motherboard that accepts all 21-pin decoders Direct replacement for QSI Decoder spaces. (Finally a printed circuit board that fits!!!) Neater installation Stay alive pads for soldering All output functions available for lights Baby board with eight pairs of soldering...
  12. Moving to DCC

    General Model Train Discussion
    Hi all- OK! I think my son and I are ready for DCC. A bunch of you fine folks gave me a lot to think about when we started with a set (I bought 2, one of each of my kids, baachmann, it worked out great). But now, we want to make things a bit more complicated, with track changes and lots of...
  13. consist using Engine Driver

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    The train club uses Digitrax DCC with wifi. I can use the app Engine Driver to drive train. my question is how do i set up consist on Engine Driver. Has anyone done that?
  14. HO DCC Recommendations Please

    HO Scale
    Hello all, I need some advice from the pros.... I have been reading on the internet about DCC systems and everyone's recommendation. There are certainly enough opinions on what is the best system and I do realize its all based on what people use and their history with the product...totally...
  15. How to add DCC and Sound to an N-Scale

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    So I have just started preparing my layout and I have a few questions about how to add DCC and sound to my Kato C44-9. I know I need to add a decoder, but I also want sound. Do I need to buy a digitrax decoder ([product]/0/) as...
  16. Peco turnout missing some power

    HO Scale
    Hi everyone, I installed this Peco #5 electrofrog turnout driven by a Tortoise machine. The problem is power is not getting to every rail -- i'm hoping attached photo will explain. The stock rails are hard-wired to + and - and the frog gets its power from Tortoise's DPDT contacts, to flip...
  17. kato dcc decoder conversion

    N Scale
    Hi, I am currently switching scale and going from Marklin HO to Kato N to pack more on a 8 x 4 layout. Also would like to make a Kyushu inspired layout. Therefore the first trains 10-1394 and 10-813. I need guidance on which DCC decoder I can "easily" install in those trains. I have done...
  18. Flying Scotsman Hornby DCC TTS

    OO Scale
    Hi, guys, new to this forum. I’m in California, always loved British trains, recently reactivated my involvement. DCC and sound didn’t exist when I was doing it before. Anyway, I’ve purchased Bachmann, Heljan and Hutton’s DCC locomotives, I have Hornby's 4-6-2 Flying Scotsman with their DCC...
  19. Do a RESET

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    TL/DR... If your loco does not respond to DCC control, clean wheels and if still no luck, do a reset to factory default values. After thoroughly enjoying running several locos on my N scale layout under NCE PowerCab control, two of my new DCC Sound engines failed to respond. While on the phone...
  20. Wiring plan comments

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    A friend and I are in the early stage of implementing a new layout. We have a layout design and have started to build the benchwork. You can see our progress at our blog at I have been putting together the wiring plan and thought I would post it here and let you...