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  1. Light Troubles and CV Confusion

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    I am very new to DCC, so I may need help from someone who is experienced. I have the Broadway Limited Dreyfuss Hudson (HO) and I am having troubles with the lights. The first time I ran the engine the lights came on, but after it got programmed with a different loco number (using a DCS 51...
  2. Post war engines with command systems

    O Scale
    I am returning to this great hobby and have been putting together a collection of Post war units, I will be designing my new layout soon and like the idea of keeping my options open, so.. if I want to run post war on a large layout, which DCC system would be best (not looking to add DCC to...
  3. Two decoders fried in the last week

    General Model Train Discussion
    The first was in a Tenshodo brass GN R2 2-8-8-2 to which a Tsunami decoder had been added by a previous owner (I bought it off eBay). There is no model # on the decoder, but it looks like a TSU-1100, though it may be an earlier version. The second was in a brand new BLI GN S2 4-8-4 with Paragon...
  4. 1F 2.7V supercaps, where can I find them?

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    They are used to make keep-alive devices. But they are hard to find here. Can I find them in PC motherboards or any specific electronic circuits? Thanks
  5. Connecting Arduino to the Model Rail

    Technical Model Train Forum
    Hi all, My brother gave me a webcam and I wanted to try out OBS Studio and experiment making videos on YouTube. So I made a few videos about using an Arduino in model railroading Arduino | DCC Monitor Arduino | Loconet Master Switch Arduino | Loconet Pendelzug DCC | Packet Analyzer...
  6. Several Decoders one Adress

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    Hello. Excuse the newbie question. I have recently installed DCC on my model railroad and am fairly new to the subject. I have a EMU Rhetian Railway two car train set with two decoders installed. One for the motorized part in car one, one for the lights in car three. My question is, rather than...
  7. Best wire gauge for feeder wires

    HO Scale
    I will soon be wiring my layout for testing tracks before ballast. What is the best gauge to use for feeder wires and what is the best for under the table between terminals? I play to upgrade from my Bachman dcc unit to a digitraxx system
  8. How to Divide Your DCC Layout into Short Protection and Power Management Districts

    General Model Train Discussion
    A video guide to help you decide how to divide your DCC powered layout into districts for short management and power boosters.
  9. Cheap and easy short protection for your DCC layout

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    Before you spend $$$ on circuit breakers and extra high-tech equipment, here is a very easy and inexpensive way of managing short circuits on your DCC equipped layout that protects your locomotives and your DCC system as well as confines shorts to one district without shutting down your entire...
  10. Intermountain F7A issues

    HO Scale
    *problem solved; thanks for looking*
  11. Final tips for laying flex track

    HO Scale
    After about a year I am ready to start laying track on my 6' by 9' layout. I have atlas flex track (code 100), some atlas #6 switches ,and cork roadbed. I plan to have a 31" outer track and 28" inner track connected with the previously mentioned turnouts. I have marked the 31" outer radius and...
  12. Train-Brain

    Technical Model Train Forum
    Has anyone ever heard of train-brain and could you tell me what it is really? A new dcc system? Thanks
  13. Can't get Track Segment to work in Panel Pro

    Technical Model Train Forum
    For some reason I cannot get the second connecting point to accept the track segment and turn green after I attempt to add a tract segment in JMRI's PanelPro. I have read and reread the help dialog and I have watched videos but it just doesn't work for me. This is the instructions that I...
  14. Power supply question

    N Scale
    I am starting an N-scale DCC layout. Some old HO scale stuff came into my hands. Will a RailPower 1370 Powerpack be of any use to me for my DCC layout? Additional question - thoughts on Atlas code 65 vs code 55 vs code 80? Kato Unitrack?
  15. Complete Lenz DCC system

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    I have a Lenz DCC system for sale consisting of: 1 Lenz Set 100 (LZV100 Command Station & LH 100 Throttle) 1 LH 90 throttle 1 Magna Force 5 amp power supply 3 Xpressnet fascia plates Asking $300 plus shipping from Union Bridge, MD. Email me at [email protected] for more information.
  16. DCC command station controlled via Android application

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    Hi everyone, I am working on own DCC command station for my trains. Now I decided, that It isn't commercial project and I want discuss it with more people. I am from czech republic, but I want a response and advices from foreign people, too. More information about my project is on my...
  17. Best DCC Control for running MTH and DCC engines?

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    Hello, I would like to start collecting HO scale steam engine for on display stand on my work desk,so I don’t think to make long term and ever growing layout.However it would be nice to see working some features on engine, when I while working on my desk(light,steam,bell ring etc..) and I need...
  18. Turnout into DCC reverse loop has no power

    General Model Train Discussion
    Hi all, I am really baffled and would appreciate your help! I have a DCC layout with a reverse loop at each end. There is an auto reverse module at each loop, I gapped the track in the same places, but only one of the reverse loops is working. Here is a photo...
  19. Looking to expand

    Beginner Q & A
    Hi everyone, I have been interested in model railroading for quite some time now and I am just starting to really engage in it and learn more. I was hoping for some help and opinions on how to and in what order to expand. Being only 16 funds are limited. 1. I currently have a HO scale 72" x 45"...
  20. life like ..... Command 2000

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    I have a life like automotive that I ran with a decoder I installed about 10 years ago. I replacedmy old command 2000 withone i bought on e-bay because my old one had indicator lights burned out. When I hooked up the new Command 2000 the locomotive with no decoder in it ran fine on slide #1 ...