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  1. Z-4000 Track Power to TIU and Signal Strength from TIU -- Isolated problems

    Technical Model Train Forum
    Large MTH DCS layout idle for 12 years of wife's terminal health problems has a few dead signal spots (power is good). Some improve with cleaning and I plan to try some light bulbs or filters soon. I use 3 Z-4000 with 3 TIUs and need to check my logic. All TIU outputs used as fixed and set at...
  2. MTH DCS Premier Steam smoke fan not working

    O Scale
    MTH Steam engine, smoke heater comes on, analog or DCS, fan does not. Disassembled engine, power applied to fan connector pigtail and fan works fine. Traced fan wires individually from fan all the way to connector that plugs into cable which then plugs into the tender. I then, while still all...
  3. First Time DCS User with Questions

    General Model Train Discussion
    Hello! I would like to create a beginner DCS setup with two separate lines of HO track and locomotives. I plan on running six MTH locomotives at most (three on each line of track, possibly at the same time), and no more than a few hundred feet of track on each line. I intend to use a TIU and...
  4. DCS not resetting engine

    O Scale
    I have the latest TIU and remote and I'm trying to reset a PS2 engine to work with the remote commander. I've reset engines quite a few times but for some reason it is not working today. Here's what I've been doing Place engine to reset on the track add engine to the remote. in this case it...
  5. MTH DCS Remote Commander with multiple lockon question

    O Scale
    I'm using the remote commander with my shelf layout and it's working pretty good. It's a 50 foot loop of track around my family room. I have the remote commander powered, directly, by a z-750 going to a terminal block which then distributes the power/dcs signal to the 4 lockons in the center of...
  6. Confused over MTH DCS Options

    O Scale
    From what I can tell MTH has used the product code 50-1001 for the DCS Remote Control Set since they first started producing it in 2000. I'm in the market to upgrade from conventional control to DCS as I have a lot of MTH trains. I've found a few older sets for a lot cheaper than the $350 new on...
  7. Beginner transformer/power and wiring questions

    Beginner Q & A
    Ok, let me first start off by saying that the layout I am constructing will be 100% protosound 2/3 and dcs. My only previous experience has been with a single loop conventional ac layout. On this new layout I will only be running two trains at the same time with around 5 lighted cars on each...
  8. Mth dcs remote question

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    For some reason a (P) shows up next to my engines on the display. (L) has shown up before which stands for LASHUP and I did do a lashup and it should be there, but I can't find anything to explain the (P). Does anyone know what that means and how to get rid of it? Thanx.
  9. Not DC, not DCC, but DCS?

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    I just was wondering what DCS was. I assume it is closely related to DCC, so that is why i am posting it here.