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  1. Painting, detailing and decaling
    Greetings, I would like to have some custom made decals created for the Milwaukee, Cedarburg, and Sheboygan (Interurban) Railway (1:87 scale). Nothing too fancy "MILWAUKEE CEDARBURG AND SHEBOYGAN" spelled out in Railroad Roman 1916 Ultra-Expanded Font, a "MC&S" logo in three sizes of Circus...
  2. General Model Train Discussion
    So I have decided to switch my RR from mainly C&O to a mix of New Haven and NYC. I’ve already done a little shopping and bought five boxcars and a couple of cabooses, but I think a much more cost effective way to approach this, while creating opportunities for some realism i.e., repainted cars...
  3. HO Scale
    I've just acquired an HO Scale MTH Prototype NYC Empire State Express Hudson, and as it's a prototype, it has no motor or paintjob, it's just a grayish silver. I plan on painting it as the NYC Empire State Express Hudson, but I don't have the decals for the tender wording, and the front badge...
  4. O Scale
    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get Pennsyvania Railroad dry transfers in gold or bronze lettering for 3 o scale passenger cars? I need enough to do 1 vista dome, 1 coach, and 1 observation car. TLDiff
  5. O Scale
    I'm restoring a Lionel Wabash F3 Diesel engine, 2367. I need a full set of decals. Dry transfer would be preferrable, but wet transfer will do. Anybody have a good source?
  6. Product Promotion
    I thought I would make a post about some new products I have. Mainly in making backgrounds / murals for your layouts. I've just started to compile a collection of 'canned' sky backgrounds on my website. More will available soon. Most likely different sizes. I can also make custom items that...
1-6 of 6 Results