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  1. Technical Model Train Forum
    The construction of the Chillicothe Subdivision of my ATSF layout is moving along nicely, but I’ve hit a few snags. Hope you guys have the fix. I’m modeling in HO gauge and using all PECO track with electrofrogs. I’m having some problems at some turnouts. All my TOs are on double layers of 3/16”...
  2. S Scale
    I just read the results of a search on switch problems. The problems were gauge adjustments, speed, and rail heights in the switch. My problem of derailing seems to be from the frog on a right hand switch swinging too far to the right and my diesel ridding up on it and derailing when coming into...
  3. General Model Train Discussion
    Hey All, I have a HO scale model train set and when i put mt train on the track it goes fine. but when i put the carriage on the carriage will derail after a few secs of driving... I have tried pushing the track as close as i can. I think it derails on the connection point. has anyone got any...
1-3 of 3 Results