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  1. O Scale
    I recently purchased a 2328 at a train show. Ran great on the test track but after I got it home and ran it for 1 minute I could smell an electrical short. The horn also does not work. Does anyone know where to find the wire layout for it? Also any suggestions on troubleshooting and...
  2. North America
    I was born in Guthrie, OK in 1951. The (then) AT&SF mainline runs right thru there; my dad used to take me to do train watching, once we even got to sit in the cab of an (F3 or F7, not sure now) and blow the horn (I was maybe 4 at the time). A lot of rail enthusiasts really like steam power...
  3. HO Scale
    Although the details of CF7 are less than SD70ACE, I like it
  4. Model Train Photo Gallery
    Hi, Another project I'm glad to share in this forum: a Diesel Shunter / Switcher GE 44 Ton Class 1100 CP (Portuguese Railways). The kit is produced by Arlo-MicroModel ( and should be used with the Bachmann Spectrum GE 44 Ton powertrains in H0 (1/87)...
  5. Model Train Photo Gallery
    Hi, Another set of photos of a project built for a friend that bought this model on the Internet. The model represented a Brissoneau Diesel Locomotive Class 1200 from CP (Portuguese Railways) in the standard orange/brown colour scheme, but my friend was a little surprised (not to say...
  6. O Scale
    I will start it off with my postwar Lionel switcher collection: Lionel #41 United States Army Lionel #42 Picatinny Arsena Lionel #51 Navy Yard Lionel #53 Rio Grande Backwards "a" Lionel #53 Rio Grande Correct "a" Lionel #56 Minneapolis & St Louis...
1-8 of 8 Results