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  1. MTH GP38-2 Sound Issue

    HO Scale
    Anyone out there have an HO MTH GP38-2 with proto 3 sound? I'm having a problem turning off some sounds I don't want - in particular cab chatter and brake squeal. I have an NCE Power cab. The documentation states F26 is brake sounds on/off and F27 is cab chatter on/off. I have toggled F26 and...
  2. DIfference Between Athearn and Athearn Roundhouse DIesel Locomotives

    HO Scale
    What are the differences between the Athearn and Athearn Roundhouse lines of diesel locomotives? Is it just cosmetics or are there drive train, performance, or reliabilty/durability differences?
  3. Starting with Model Train Set - Bachmann Rail Chief Ready To Run Electric Train Set

    General Model Train Discussion
    Hi all- I am introducing my 6 year old son to model train sets. Thinking of buying this...
  4. Bachmann DC DD40X Diesel Union Pacific horn sound repair

    HO Scale
    I recently bought this loco 2nd hand. The loco runs, the blinking Led works and the light bulbs, but it has a horn sound and it doesn't work. Would anyone know how it supposed to work ? I suspect one the components on the "Space Age Electronics" on the PCB maybe faulty. I connected 5VDC to...
  5. Where are all the C&NW Diesels?

    HO Scale
    I've been trying for days to find a diesel (A,B unit) to go with my Walthers heavyweight passenger cars and cannot seem to find any! Anyone know where I could possible get one or two? Thanks!
  6. O MTH Premier Dash 8 | Railking SW9

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hello, everyone!! I have two beautiful MTH engines that I'm looking to get rid of! They're mostly brand new - I'd rate them a C8/C9 as they come in the original boxes, with all original accessories. Here are the details: EDIT: Dash 8 sold!!! Railking SW9 - this engine also comes equipped with...
  7. Praise to atlas

    N Scale
    While installing heat shrink on a wire, managed to melt my atlas dash 8-40 diesel shell. While speaking with a service tech, Don I believe, he said why buy for 3 bucks and have to paint the shell. For $18.00 plus freight got a new shell and changed from BNSF to Santa Fe. Took him about a...
  8. What's the best way to add smoke fluid to MTH Diesel

    O Scale
    I have an older MTH GP-7 diesel that actually smokes very very well. I've been adding fluid as the manual says and I know I've never over filled it. The manual says to add 15-20 drops in either of the openings. I always use the rear one which is more of a straight shot to the smoke unit. I...
  9. Scratchbuilders - How Can I Build This?

    HO Scale
    Hi all. Lately I've been getting a bunch of Alaska train stuff to feed my addiction. Recently I heard about a DMU car that Alaska railroad has. The more I think about this heavy duty streetcar, the more I want it - in HO scale. Here's a pic for your reference: My question to you...
  10. Parts for diesel railroaders

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Alright, here I have a small with diesel switcher. Roadname: The Rock I have everything that this model came with. Yes, it is old and dirty. It has seen better days, but it also has many days ahead of it. I was going to try to repaint it, but changed my mind. I have all the grab irons for...
  11. Please help with question!

    HO Scale
    Alright. I picked this up at a hobby store for $10. It runs, I have all the parts. I'm not a diesel person and I don't really want this. The only reason I picked it up is because it was so cheap and thought I might sell it to someone who might want it for a project or just for a play around...
  12. Help fixing this 1963 634 NW2 Switcher

    O Scale
    Thread number two, I'm on a roll! I'm in the process of pulling all my old trains out and fixing them up (background info here: Next on my list is this gutted 634 Switcher which was handed down to me from my brother many years ago. From...
  13. English Electric Diesel Locomotive Class 1400 CP (Portuguese Railways)

    Model Train Photo Gallery
    Hi, This is one of my recent projects: the English Electric Diesel Locomotive Class 1400 of CP (Portuguese Railways) in the standart orange/brown colour scheme, built for a customer. Portugal ordered a total of 50 Diesel Class 1400 locomotives from English Electric. The first bath of 10...
  14. Lionel diesel whistle problems

    O Scale
    I've amassed quite a collection of FA and and F3 locomotives and dummies. The downside is I haven't been able to get the whistles to work in any of them. I've tried several batteries, so I don't think that's the issue. These are all older locos and the whistles are apparently not known for...
  15. Diesel Nomenclature?

    HO Scale
    OK, can someone explain to me diesel nomenclature? Steamers I get, 4-4-0, 2-10-2, and so on; defined by the number of lead wheels, drive wheels, and trailing wheels under the loco. I get it, but diesels - not so much. They all look alike to me. So what's the difference between a GP38-2 or a SD45...
  16. motive for a Motive

    HO Scale
    Hi I got my first train set when i was ten. I am now 15 and i miss having that set. I am making $100+ a week babysitting my sister while my parents work. I would like to start a train layout building from the ground up. I figured i would start with a locomotive and cars and work my way up...
  17. FS: HO Scale Athearn SD60M Desert Storm w/ DCC & Sound

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hi guys, I am trying to sell my Athearn BN Desert Storm SD60M. This unit has been used very lightly and has spent most its time in my posession in its box. It has factory installed DCC and Sound and it works perfectly. It has already been programmed to its roadnumber 1991. The only reason that I...