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ditch lights

  1. Better way to install DCC decoders

    Product Promotion
    Decoder Buddy is a: Small motherboard that accepts all 21-pin decoders Direct replacement for QSI Decoder spaces. (Finally a printed circuit board that fits!!!) Neater installation Stay alive pads for soldering All output functions available for lights Baby board with eight pairs of soldering...
  2. Alexander RR project

    Painting, detailing and decaling
    Hi All! Im working on creating this loco for a friend of mine (see pic below). Problem is, I cant find what I would call a surface mount ditchlight, to mount like these are (see pic again). Notice how they are located on the front (I guess you would call it) of the anti-climber. As opposed to...
  3. Athearn Genesis GP38-2 DL Issue

    Technical Model Train Forum
    Hey Guys, I have an Norfolk Southern Athearn Genesis GP38-2; Road #5057; Model #G40627 w/ Tsunami Digital Sound Decoder and I am having a slight issue: DITCH LIGHTS 1. When starting the locomotive and turning on the headlights, the ditch lights come on simultaneously with the headlights...
  4. Tiny LED Quest

    Technical Model Train Forum
    The Quest For Tiny LED's I've been doing DCC Decoder, LED and Lamp installs for years and one of the hardest things to light up are the Ditch lights on a SD70M and other Ditch lights that are running board mounted. I am constantly upgrading and downsizing my LED's. Most people are used to...