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  1. Technical Model Train Forum
    I am working on this locomotive and have come across something new to me. The e unit seems to be functioning correctly mechanically, but when I cycle it I get forward..neutral..reverse..neutral..nothing..neutral..nothing..neutral..forward..neutral..reverse..neutral then the nothing cycle again...
  2. O Scale
    I've always wondered why Lionel doesn't come out with a Burro crane with an e unit. I was looking at the new electronic e units on ebay and thought maybe they would fit inside. However it's hard to tell just how big they are from the pictures people post. Anyone ever tried this?
  3. O Scale
    So you have an old train? Well, you know what track,transfroemer and the engine are but what about an E- Unit? This thread is hear to help the E Unit challenged. TO start it is the Gizmo under the shell that enables the Old Lionel to go forward,netutral, and reverse. That is the typical three...
  4. Model Train Videos
    Found this through Yahoo Groups. Part 1 Part 2
  5. O Scale
    I started with the wire off the coil. I pulled the old out and solderd the new in. Then I checked for a good connection to the frame. That wire is attached to the right. I do not have the center rail piece so I cannot do that today. Another picture with th ewire removed. You can just...
  6. O Scale
    i need to know the difference between a lionel 100=25 and lionel 100-25c if you don't know, please point me to somewhere that will if you have an idea.
  7. O Scale
    The 1666 motor checked out after cleaning on a bench test. I removed all wirirng from the unit and tested the coil. It was only two connections on each side of the e unit to the track. The pawl moved. Next I used the special spreader tool. There is a bar in the vicinity of the drum area. Once...
  8. O Scale
    I recently purchased a vintage set to replace one that my Dad got me in 1958. I haven't had my hands on trains in almost 40 years so I'm admittedly clueless. The person who sold them to me said the loco worked fine. I set up the track and connected the transformer and nothing is happening when I...
  9. O Scale
    This is about checking an engine to get it running. I purchased two today one without a shell Package deal. Both old and dirty. Engine one ran an inch. Two was quiet. Both are running now. I took pictures and will describe how I administered life support. I cleaned the motor and e unit. A fun time.
1-9 of 9 Results