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  1. O MTH Railking steam train set

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hi....I am new on here. Don't know much about trains- purchased this on a whim years ago and its been used and then sitting on shelf for a llong time. I am more active on RCGROUPS. Here is the description. Used Railking 2-8-0 train set. This was a RTR set- it is a union pacific steam freight...
  2. how to start the engine

    Beginner Q & A
    I'm a newbie with a 1950's 2-6-2 Lionel engine (#20261) and a new CW80 transformer. I don't understand how to start the engine. When I apply power with the throttle, the headlight comes on and the whistle button works. Then I press "direction" but nothing happens. I wait, press it again. Maybe...
  3. Possible LEGO Model Train Set

    Product Promotion I would like to ask for your help. LEGO Ideas is a website that permits the public to submit ideas for future LEGO products. If a project earns 10,000 votes, LEGO will consider making it into a set. LEGO is not a typical medium for model railroading...
  4. How to attach cars to engine?

    HO Scale
    I found a HO train set in the basement. Engine is Athearn AMD-103, 3644 with 824 on engine. It runs good but I can't connect any car to the engine. I have a box car, tank car and caboose only. Don I need a tender? I can't get any car to coonect. Help please!
  5. looking for motors

    General Model Train Discussion
    hi there I am not a model train buff but i think your knowledge may help me, i am building a miniture commpressor for a school project and i need a small motor 12 volt system my neds are high torque with meddium to low rpm the unit will be run via solar abd battery so i have a...
  6. Selling my collection of Lionel O Gauge Trains

    For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    Hey all, selling a ton of Lionel trains, selling everything. All starting at 99 cents, no reserve on eBay, so if you're looking for anything please take a glance to help me out. Most are vintage and almost all are in original box! I have engines, boxcars, cabooses, spotlight cars, you name it...
  7. Locomotive Maintenance - Quick Reference?

    HO Scale
    Good morning all! I'd love to pick all of your brains and years of experience to get your recommendations for locomotive maintenance. If you had to bulletize a checklist, what would it look like? All I have is a box of old train stuff and my two youngest finally (last night) set up an oval...
  8. Problem w/O gauge Thomas Lionel engine

    O Scale
    My son received a handed-down set for Christmas from cousins, and everything was working until this morning. The engine, when placed on the tracks and power turned on, won't move. Track light comes on suggesting power is coming to the tracks. Also, if I lift the front OR back of the engine...
  9. LGB White Pass Diesel - won't move forward

    G / #1 Scale
    I'm having an issue with my 2055 White Pass engine. It won't move forward some times. It will drive in reverse without issue. When try to make the engine go forward, the lights come on, but the train moves intermittently. I have another engine 2020 that works fine. I'm thinking that it...
  10. Looking for exploded diagram for engine

    O Scale
    I have a Lionel engine I received as a kid probably 30 years ago. It is a steam engine with a plastic body, the number 8602 silk-screened on the side--I don't see any other serial numbers or part numbers visible). I'll attach a photo in case that helps! (Please excuse my disorderly desk!)...
  11. Need help ID'ing a Marklin engine

    HO Scale
    Hi, all — We're inventorying my dad's Marklin HO setup and inventory. Having trouble identifying what appears to be a 3011 electric freight engine but with some odd details to it, markings which don't check out in the Koll's price guide. On the side, as a gold-lettered sticker, is "E44 118"...
  12. DCC?s Lost Lost Lost

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    Hello, I am new to DCC, in fact i just started messing around with my N Scale stuff for the first time in 15 years and didn't know it existed until a few weeks ago. Being very intrigued by the possibilities i jumped into buy a MRC Prodigy Express set up. I have built a 3'x4' N Scale layout with...
  13. How do I clean and oil an old Lionel 1615 Engine

    General Model Train Discussion
    I found my childhood Lionel 1615 engine and some cars. I bought some track and a new transformer, and confirmed that the engine does activate, but will not move yet. I need some detailed info on how to clean and oil/grease the engine before I go any further. I also want to clean and maintain...