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  1. O Scale
    Hello, After much deliberation I finally broke down and purchased a new Lionel Polar Express Lion Chief set with fast track. I am learning a bit about how this works and interacts with other units. My question for the more experienced is "which makes more sense, the remote control train or the...
  2. General Model Train Discussion
    I am seeking opinions on the newer Lionel Lion Chief control system. I am a novice and would like an opinion from experienced railroaders. Also, any thoughts on fast track versus the older 3 rail traditional track. Thanks. 611 Railman
  3. O Scale
    Does nayone know the part number for the flashers? already had a tripping incident and one of the flashers broke in half. Thanks Vinny
  4. O Scale
    I just purchased an addition to my Christmas layout. I got a Lionel Santa Snowman boxcar (6-26739) where the Santa figure and Snowman figure exchange on a trestle above the track. My problem is this is configured for the old flat track and I have just upgraded to the Fast Track. The trestle...
  5. O Scale
    Hello everyone, I am just getting started in the fun world of model trains, and I am already having a problem. I just purchased a used O Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer with the intention of having it run through my wife's Christmas village. I do have some very limited experience with HO trains a...
1-5 of 5 Results