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  1. N Scale
    After attempting to run my engine from the approach track onto the finished build Atlas N scale turntable I carefully wired I found I my engine would stall immediately trying to run onto the turntable. A quick check with a volt meter revealed no power to either rail of the turntable even though...
  2. N Scale
    My Kato E5 N scale stopped working so I took it apart, when I took it apart I saw the this thing (sorry, don't know the name, in picture) wasn't working so where can I get a replacement part?
  3. O Scale
    I've have a number of old k-line, lionel, and other rolling stock with these metal couplers that have a plastic arm to lock them. Is this not the worst design ever? These are the ones I'm talking about These things uncouple constantly because there is nothing really pushing the plastic back...
1-3 of 3 Results