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  1. General Model Train Discussion
    this is just a cheap flasher, no detection of any kind ... It works from 5 volt to around 14 volt input, DC only [ you can run AC in, but you need a bridge rectifier].. It can run two or four LEDs on extension wires and best of all, it's only 0.85 each [canadian even].. It comes with two white...
  2. HO Scale
    I did a little project here and very happy with it. I got some flashing red LEDs off ebay. These LEDs have the flasher built in to them. I have some inexpensive probably LifeLike crossing lights. They come with a red insert where lights go. The inserts pushed out from the rear real easily. My...
  3. Technical Model Train Forum
    Just wondered because after doing railroad crossings I don't see how it's possible with space and all T-man I'm sure you can prove this wrong but don't you need resistors and stuff and be able to fit in the cab? Thanks in advance
  4. Technical Model Train Forum
    Id figured this was the best place for this question. I searched a bit but couldn't find what I was looking for so here it goes. I have a few engines with dummy beacons and wanted to put a flasher up in you have to have resistors tied in? This is DC ONLY! If so would a 1/4 watt be...
  5. Technical Model Train Forum
    Error in Red to avoid confusion Green is added information This started as a board to use for the 154 Crossing Signal. Hopefuly it will get somewhere. The Circuit starts here at the WIld Bohemian site This picture is the corect working diagram with the 10 uf capacitors. This is what I...
  6. O Scale
    I got this today at an auction. $20 (no shipping, free hotdogs :D) I would like to wire up an electronic switch to operate the lights rather than use the original track connector. Does anybody have a resource where I can find, or build something? (Do I need a "flip flop"?) Thanks
  7. Technical Model Train Forum
    "Nice. Kinda like hybrid postwar engine. As i said it looks good. If i saw the right tender, I think there are 3 holes at the back of the sheel. Im dont know if the holes would accomidate them but its something to consider. If not, the top would be nice " prr1361 quote. I started another thread...
  8. HO Scale
    Flasher in Athearn Amtrack :) Since I am invading the HO Forum I decided to post this project. This is the voltage regulator power supply with a homemade bracket. I plan on doing more posts about these power supplies. This one is for 5 volts. This shows the flasher unit in place. I used 2...
1-8 of 8 Results