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  1. No Extruded Foam Sheets in my area

    Layout Design Forum
    Greetings all, HELP - I guess in Southern California Home Depot and Lowe's does not sell full 4'x8' sheets of extruded (pink or blue) foam. Home Depot only sells 2'x2' by 1 inch extruded (pink) foam. I'm wanting to build a small 4'x3' N Scale layout on top of a 2" think foam. I purchased...
  2. Interesting Background Idea

    My Layout
    After mulling over various approaches to my background and mining several forums for ideas and tips, I think I've found my answer. So far it's been easy to find materials, quick to do the steps and so far I think it looks convincing. Goal: to create a mountainous, layered look with some depth...
  3. How to set the horizon?

    My Layout
    Hoping to finally tackle the backdrop soon. I think I have found a really convincing way to use foam and create the look of distant tree covered mountains. (Pics to follow while underway) My problem is figuring out what height to set as the horizon line. Are there any "do's" or "don'ts" for...
  4. Layout construction begins

    N Scale
    Hello all, I have finally taken a deep breath and started on my second layout. Like many other users, I scrapped my first layout after it became too unmanageable and after the cat poked countless holes in the scenery, as she climbed into the middle of it (it was a kind of Godzilla effect)...
  5. Primer/paint for styrofoam

    General Model Train Discussion
    Im starting a 4x8 layout using a 4x8 sheet of the white styrofoam insulation from Home Depot. I peeled off the plastic coating. I was thinking I would coat it with latex primer before starting so later any other color would stick. Will primer adhere to the white foam board or will it peel up...